In 2006, the City of Fort Collins, through the Art in Public Spaces program, commissioned artwork to be painted on transformer cabinets. Not only would the artwork beautify the city, but it would also be a means of combatting graffiti. Artists would be paid for their work and pedestrians, in particular, would benefit from what, over time, has become an outdoor gallery throughout town.

One of the very first projects to be undertaken under this program coincided nicely with the alley beautification project that the Downtown Development Authority had been planning since 2004 and which they first rolled out in Trimble Court and Tenney Alley in 2006.

The first transformer boxes to  be painted were located in Tenney Alley (next to where Comet Chicken is today) and they were entitled “Organic Energy”  by Amelia Caruso.



Organic Energy – in Tenney alley

Though several of the boxes stand behind a metal fence, one sits apart. It continues the theme of the other boxes and is included as part of the same installation.


This transformer box is also part of the “Organic Energy” installation.

Amelia Caruso now has several painted transformer cabinets throughout town.


By Little Bird Bakery at the corner of Linden and Walnut.


Near the Chocolate Cafe where the alley intersects Olive street.

This article is a modified version of one I first posted to my North of Prospect website back on June 30, 2012. Amelia has painted many more boxes since the first installation.