Mandating the use of bicycle helmets has become a big topic of discussion in the past few years. It popped up most recently when California state Senator Carol Liu introduced a bill to make the wearing of bicycle helmets mandatory for all riders in the state. (The current law in California requires bicycle helmets only for those under 18 years old.) Failure to wear a helmet could have resulted in a $25 fine. The law was not amended as Liu had proposed. Instead, a study has been commissioned to determine what the effects of such a law might be.

In the state of Colorado, the only helmet law on the books (according to is for motorcycle riders under 18 years old. There are no motorcycle helmet laws for older riders and there are no bicycle helmet laws at all — not even for kids. But the lack of bike helmet laws, and even bike helmet law proposals, has not stopped Coloradoans from debating the issue.

Quick Summary of the Debate

In favor of a helmet law: Helmets reduce injuries and save lives. (A  short, yet poignant, argument.)

Against enacting a helmet law: The number of people riding a bicycle has been found to decline when there is a helmet law. Other studies have found that the more bicyclists are using the streets, the safer cyclists are as a whole. So declining numbers of cyclists could mean more dangerous streets. Another line of argument has to do with motorist behavior. Some studies have found that motorists drive closer and are somewhat less safe around bicyclists that are wearing helmets. They’re apparently more cautious when the bicyclist is helmet-less. Anti-helmet advocates also believe that helmets simply don’t do enough to reduce injuries and save lives. So focusing on helmet enforcement means that time and energy is being drawn away from things that clearly make a notable difference for cyclist safety, such as building safer infrastructure and better educating both motorists and cyclists.

It’s important to note that the argument is not, “Should bicyclists wear helmets?” Many people who are against a helmet law still wear helmets. The issue is, should helmet use be legislated?

There’s been a lot written on this topic. I’m including a list of representative articles so that you can bring yourself up to speed if you haven’t been following this topic.

I’d love to hear from you — do you wear a helmet? (And are you more likely to wear a helmet in one situation than another?) How do you feel about having a helmet law? Yay or nay?



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And last, but not least, you can find out all sorts of other information about helmet use over at the pro-helmet site —