Whether you’ve hung your bike up in the garage for winter or you’re still out and about on two wheels, there are bicycle related events going on this month that are worth checking out. For those still biking despite the cold, ice and snow, there’s Winter Bike to Work Day on the 9th and the Holiday Lights by Bike tour on the 19th. And for everyone, whether you’re still out riding or not, there’s Community Night at Pour Brothers, a fundraiser for our local bike advocacy organization, Bike Fort Collins, on the 16th.

You can get a quick look at all the bike events happening this month, as well as more info on the events I just mentioned with the Google calendar below. Remember to use the forward arrow if it’s not showing you December yet. And don’t forget that you can download these events right onto your own calendar with just a click.

Also, there’s some noteworthy news for those of you looking for alternative ways to get around Colorado. There’s a new FLEX route coming in January between Fort Collins and Boulder. (And you can ride FLEX for the same price as a ride on Transfort!!! $1.25. That’s pretty mind-blowing considering it’s over an hour long trip.) Get all the deets on the Transfort FLEX page.

Bicycle related articles from the past month

Why do drivers hate cyclists?“, an interview between Jim Brown and Ian Walker on “The 180” on CBCRadio. (November 1, 2015) The long and short of it? Motorists that don’t bicycle don’t know what it’s like to ride a bike on the road. Therefore they are unable to empathize with cyclists.

The Upside of Higher Gas Prices Is Fewer Car Crashes“, by Eric Jaffee on Citylab.com. (November 18, 2015) Though there’s a bit of lag time, for some reason there are fewer car crashes a few months after gas prices start to go up. Funky.

CSU study: Cyclists inhale more pollution than drivers“, by Jacy Marmaduke in the Coloradoan. (November 20, 2015) So those doing the most to prevent air pollution are also the same folks who are most likely to suffer from it. Figures. (Read the original report at Nature.com (pdf).)