I hit several stations this morning for Fort Collins’ Bike to Work day and I’ve put the photos together into the gallery above. You should be able to progress through the photos using the right arrow on your keyboard. But if that doesn’t work, you can mouse over the photo and you’ll see an arrow that you can click on. Or just sit tight and the photos will advance themselves.

There’s only one station that I didn’t get photos of and that’s because we were having so much fun getting photos taken of us. Digital Workshop and NerdyMind Marketing had a a green screen out and my son happened to be wearing a green shirt. So we made the best of it. I pretended to be peddling my bike at full speed, he crouched down so it looked like he was in my basket with his head sticking out, and then they’re going to put the full moon behind us, so it’ll look like I’m cycling through the sky with E.T. (also known as my geeky teen). 🙂

If you’ve posted photos online that you took this morning, please link to the album below so we can all take a gander. And don’t forget to take City’s survey online: http://www.fcgov.com/bicycling/ (see top item).

(Click on the gallery to open it up and see the photos with captions.) [When Pedal Fort Collins transitioned to be Urban Fort Collins, galleries like this one didn’t make the transfer. Sorry.]