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Fort Collins is no longer a cow town. It’s not even the manufacturing town it was back in the mid-1900s. It’s now a growing and thriving city with all the problems and benefits that come with size. Urban Fort Collins explores the ever changing landscape of our community. It is, after all, OUR city. Let’s learn more about the issues, discuss what’s great and what’s not, and find ways to amplify the former and mitigate the latter. 

Meg Dunn began writing Pedal Fort Collins in May of 2015. After focusing for two years primarily on transportation issues, Meg rebranded the site in July 2017 as Urban Fort Collins in an effort to take a wider-angle look at the changes taking place in our city. Transportation is only one piece of a much larger puzzle and every piece fits together with those around it.

Meg with her family. (Photo taken by Michelle of The Delacastros.)

Meg and her husband, Rob, have three teenagers. Two are attending CSU and the third is in her first year at the University of Tulsa. Meg also has two dogs who she walks regularly, giving her a chance to experience the city at a pedestrian pace. To see photos from her walks, check out her Instagram page, or to see photos that are specific to transportation and other urban Fort Collins related matters, check out the Instagram page for Urban Fort Collins.

Meg also writes Northern Colorado History, exploring the stories that have shaped our region.