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To re-Train or not re-Train City Park

In 2010, the City Park Train was shut down due to safety concerns. There was a $350,000 line item in the Building on Basics 2 tax that was taken before city voters in 2015 in order to place a safer train in City Park. The tax passed (and included a lot more projects...

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Assumptions Made About Bicyclists

  I attended the Magnolia and Shields intersection open house tonight that was hosted by FC Bikes and the City of Fort Collins. In speaking with a fellow participant, I learned the following. All bicyclists are riding a bicycle for pleasure. Bicyclists don't need...

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A Sense of Place Outside of Old Town

At a City Plan meeting last night, there was a short discussion on the term "distinctiveness." It was a theme in the 1997 version of City Plan as residents wanted to be sure that Fort Collins remained distinct from Loveland, Timnath, Wellington and Laporte rather than...

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